William & Mary Wine Company

Shifflett Ranch & Vineyards

In the early 1940's, the Shifflett family purchased a ranch at the end of Darms Lane. Over the decades that ranch has been many different things - horses, cattle, olives, etc. - but most first and foremost it was home. Three generations later, not much has changed. The cattle and horses have moved on and grapes have taken center stage, but it is still the crown jewel of the family and 'home' to many sons, daughters, cousins, aunts and uncles wherever they may be.

William & Mary

Mary, born and raised on the ranch, remembers the days of being embarrassed to tell people where she was from as many folks associated Napa with the State Hospital. William, also a native Californian but from about as far away, both literally and figuratively, as you can get in San Diego. Meeting through friends over drinks many years ago, a loving relationship soon blossomed. A move from one end of the state to the other, a wedding and family soon followed.


When you near the end of Darms Lane, you can't help but notice the striking size and beauty of the Shifflett Ranch. Streams and untouched nature juxtaposed against the angular precision of the vineyard rows. Rock outcroppings, alluvial fans, varied elevations,exposures -- everything, all in one place to make a winemakers heart skip a beat. It took about 10 seconds to know that one day we would make a wine from this special place. It took almost 10 years to make that a reality but today we stand here ready, proud to show the world what we found.

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